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Welcome to the Charles H. Tweed International Foundation. We extend a sincere invitation to join the Foundation in its pursuit of excellence in orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.

The mission of the Charles H. Tweed International Foundation is to promote excellence in orthodontic treatment consistent with the personal traditions, professional ethics, and orthodontic philosophy of Dr. Charles H. Tweed.

“The world should be a beautiful place for a child to live. If he is handicapped by facial deformity that is marring his happiness, we should make every effort to restore that happiness. To say that there is no use trying to help a patient because he has a certain facial type, or he has a facial pattern with serious abnormal deviations, is not courageous. We must strive for maximum harmony and balance as near to normal as conditions will allow.”

 -Dr. Charles Tweed

Tweed Members

Tweed Foundation Membership

Membership in the Charles H. Tweed International Foundation is available to all orthodontists or orthodontic graduate students who meet the following requirements:

  1. The person must have successfully completed the Tweed Study Course.
  2. The person must be a member of or eligible for membership in his/her country's W.F.O. affiliated orthodontic association.

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The Tweed Study Course™

The Tweed Study Course is an intensive seven-day experience in advanced edgewise mechanics, differential diagnosis, and the Tweed/Merrifield force system. Each participant of the Course is given individual instruction in all of these skills/disciplines on a daily basis.

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Charles H. Tweed International Foundation

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