Case Reports

Case reports, which show the treatment plan and the results of carefully delivered treatment, are posted on our website. Normally, two to three case reports are available for the viewer. The format for each case report will be:

  1. Pretreatment records are shown.
  2. After pretreatment records are displayed, the treatment plan is presented.
  3. The post-treatment records will be shown “opposite” the pretreatment records. The post-treatment records will be on the right-hand side of the viewing screen, and pretreatment records will be on the left-hand side for easy comparison.

The visitor to the Tweed Foundation’s website is invited to study these case reports because they will give the viewer a perspective of treatment with Tweed/Merrifield force systems and the standard edgewise appliance.

Case Reports for A. Best

Case Reports for H. Silcox

Case Reports for M. Baxter

Case Reports for M. Katan