Membership in the Charles H. Tweed International Foundation is available to all orthodontists or orthodontic graduate students who meet the following requirements:

  1. The person must have successfully completed the Tweed Study Course.
  2. The person must be a member of or eligible for membership in his/her country's W.F.O. affiliated orthodontic association.

Anyone who meets the above two requirements is more than welcome to become a member of the Charles H. Tweed International Foundation for Orthodontic Research and Education. The membership application can be completed and submitted online.

Annual dues are required for membership. Please see Membership & Dues FAQs for payment instructions.

A copy of an applicant's proof of membership (or eligibility for membership) to their country's W.F.O. affiliated orthodontic association must be sent with a membership application to our office at 2620 E. Broadway Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85716. Please mail or fax proof to (520) 326-1163 at the time of your application submission. You may contact us for further assistance at or call 520-326-6002.

Membership Application

Membership Dues Payment

Membership & Dues FAQ